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I have some really mixed emotions about bad looking rugs mainly because I feel the hair companies greed is what caused the stigma associated with wearing. For years, they in my opinion, took advantage of every poor guy that simply wanted to improve his looks. I know it held me back from wearing for years and I'm sure there are going to be new people right now that read this and are nodding their heads in agreement. I researched wearing for over a year before I came upon Top Lace's forum. Sorry but I didnt trust anyone , there is no way I was ever going to be one of those poor guys walking around with a muskrat glued to my head. I too thought the only way to get a good piece was to pay thousands. I looked into the hair clubs and heard enough bad stories that it almsot became a phobia for me. I'm not about to make fun of anyone that doesnt know any better or doesnt have the financial ability to do this thing right. Nope I blame the scum sucking vulture hair companies for not only for their greed but for producing the garbage they put out and then ridiculously overcharging for it. Had it not been for this forum and the people here to lead me in the right direction maybe that could have been me you were laughing at and thats just not acceptable. lol

Funny part for me is so many of us wear so well that we look better than the guys with full heads of hair.


Just writing to tell you how much I appreciate your services. I have been using you for a couple of years now after 15 years of expensive salons with inferior products. It is nice to know that I can afford to switch out units before they fade and are obviously worn! Your services are A+++ in my book! Keep up the GREAT work!



Hi John,
I opened the package and....


They are without doubt the closest to perfect I have ever received...EVER.
Even when I was sitting in the "studio" having measurements and samples
taken. I have to tweak, only slightly, a couple of things in the next order
and it'll be perfect. As it is, I can wear this straight out of the

The only way I can thank you, is to be a return customer, and that I'll be.
Thanks mate, I truly appreciate your efforts.


P.S. This is the first time I have ever received a piece in less that 20



Just wanted to say thanks to John for getting me my order and let anyone who hasn't taken the plunge with Toplace to do so ASAP. The quality of my two new pieces is awesome. They were spot on with the specs. Prior to TL I was spending very close to $4000 per year with transitions Intl. (not 50% of the quality of TL) What a waste! Thank you John and BA. What would i do without you? (and Debbie!)



Albert - Well Known Hair Stylist

I have been serviced by a company called JA Alternatives for about 10 years now. I like their locations and staff very much, but their prices are ridiculous.

JA charges clients by contract. You have to order 4 hair replacements at a time. You have to sign their contract, which legally binds you to paying for all 4 on a schedule. They are close to $1000 each! Add to that the monthly charge of $105 for a haircut and re-bonding. Not to mention that their "lace" product loses 75% of it's hair within 8-12 weeks, so you are going thru replacements costing over $4000 a year.

I am on disability with chronic health issues, so I am living on 60% of my former income. Not only can I not afford JA anymore, but I found that your quality is even better. Your color-matching has been far better, and the replacements I got from you have lasted twice as long as theirs! The hair is just as soft and shiny and high quality. Overall I could not be more satisfied and grateful for your services.

Take care,
Barry N.

Re: How much money have you saved since finding Toplace?$$$$$$$?

I have been ordering with Toplace for about 3-4 years or so. I save around $3,000 a year. I was with transitions who charged me $2,200 for 3 crummy mono w/poly side pieces and bi-tri weekly "attachment services" at $60 a pop, plus their crummy products. Thank you Toplace!


Re: How much money have you saved since finding Toplace?$$$$$$$?

I will say Toplace saves me 50% of what the club costs. Plus way better hair systems and 20 hours of drive time per year + 12 hours of service time.


Re: How much money have you saved since finding Toplace?$$$$$$$?

I bet I have saved over $10,000.00 since finding Toplace and this fourm, how about you?


I just wanted to let you know that I am completely satisfied with my first hair system; actually, toplace has given me the first hair system that not only looks natural and real to sight but also when you touch it; I mean this system surpassses any system I have ever got and that includes systems from hair club for men, hair direct, and a few other local places I used to buy from.........what is so great about the super fine lace system that I got is that the thickness of the perimeter going all around the base is the same and you cannot even feel it; I had always got systems that only felt real to touch just in the front of the base but not around the sides and back.......well your super fine lace system exceeded my expectations and I am happy to say I will be a returning customer and I feel like I have finially after all these years of frustration found the right system and company to buy my systems from. Also, I wanted to let you know that Debbie's cut in of my system and the way she did everything was top notch as well; toplace and splitends are a great team and the quality I got from both of you is just incredible; thanks again and I will be contacting you again soon to reorder.


I have worn hair for a while, I have not ordered from Toplace but sent my info to John to get my first order right.

I had no Idea that you could order hair this way, the hair clubs make it seem so technical and mysterious and I did figure out that it was not at all that. I was always unhappy with the results from a hair salon. I ALWAYS had to "fix" my hair when I went home and because of that I learned how to handle it, how to trim a cut that was not right, how to pluck the hairline. I thought there was somenting wrong with me because they all said how "GREAT" I looked after an appointment. I thought I looked like a Jack-ass.....

Since I have been reading this forum, I learned and actually did highlight and then bleach the knots and I can't believe how much better this hair looks. I got a lot of the products recomended from this forum and now the hair looks newer, softer and just a lot fresher. WHY can't people that do this for a living get this stuff on their program???? I want to be free of anybody doing anything. I know what looks best for me. I know what problems I have had in the past and I know now that I can fix them. All a person has to do is spend some time on this forum and everything that was not working out-dryness, bad bonding, fading, visible knots, one color helmet head, can be fixed and apparently we are better at it then the professionals.

Name Unknown

Well I am officially a TopLace wearer! And I will say first hand, that it is by far the best quality product I have seen. What an incredible service you run. Fast, affordable, and friendly. A winning combination. Thanks for the great work. Feel free to use me as a reference/testimonial anywhere you need me. I will be an exclusive customer from now on!

Great job,
Omar Baig

I was wearing crap hair for over 30 years until I found Toplace about a year and a half ago. I learned absolutely NOTHING those first 30 years.


Re: former FARRELL's client

Welcome.  You have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.   Top Lace is the best.    Hands down!!


Its nothing new, or unique to farrell. It is standard. toplace can make the piece anyway you want it.. with poly sides, all poly, combo. super fine swiss. french. injected skin, knotted skin.. varying thickness.. everything at farrell you can get here and more. The only thing you will not find here that Farrell has, is a ridiculous price. There are many people on there who are X Farrell clients and X HCM clients etc.. They have seen both systems and choose these not only for the price, but the quality as well.

Just browse the pictures and u will be amazed. There are many photos on this forum.. Look up JAKE, MB, Sesster. GEL. These guys have shown whats possible with hair systems.







Re: What kind of effect has wearing had on your personality?

Confidence through the roof.  Why? Because I'm more youthful looking. I talk to chicks much more Why?  Because they all now seem more interested. I dress better.  Why? It makes you want to... it's like a kick start for improving your life.

My life has improved dramatically because of toplace. It's like losing weight... on the same lines of it... I lost 25 pounds and felt similar to how I felt when I put a TopLace unit on my head.


Re: To the veteran wearers of hairpieces - any regrets?

Only regret is I didn't do it sooner. Also when I was your age, they didn't have anything that looked even close to what Toplace has to offer today!


Re: To the veteran wearers of hairpieces - any regrets?

I am 27 years old, I for one do not regret it at all. In fact, im really happy that I found it. I wouldnt know what I would have done without it. Either spent 1000s at a salon or shaved my head and looked terrible. The shaved head thing doesn't work for everyone. You have to have the right face, and a perfect shaped head.


Re: To the veteran wearers of hairpieces - any regrets?

I don`t understand how some can have regrets.....Well I have been wearing for 6 weeks now....I only wish I had discovered this long ago.....I am 38....There is nothing to it...Template and color right on the money.  To be very honest here....Looks and feel just like my hair when i had it.   Looks fantastic.....As for releasing and attaching.....Piece of cake....You live and learn.....Just like anything else...practice makes perfect....Release....spray citrus on piece...clean scalp....mirror slide piece...then condition it....put near fan to dry....shower....then attach again....and i am good to go......Nobody knows a thing.....I got everybody fooled.


Vacation Update

Since there have been so many questions of late in regards to if there are any limitations on what you can do with the hair, I thought it would be a good time to post this.

I am currently on vacation (Been here 2 weeks) and where I am the weather is VERY hot! I have been getting 1week+ holds and been walking long distances, seeing the sights, swimming, spending 3 - 4 days at a time sharing the bathroom with other people and I have not had a single problem. I'm on day 5 with an attachment now and the hold is incredibly strong.

If you attach properly it is just like your own dont even think about it. I have looked the best I have looked in a very long time in some of these vacation shots we have been taking (will upload a few when I get back) and have been in pretty much every lighting condition with no problem. Nobody even glances at my hair and why would they? It looks normal...actually BETTER than normal because I style it - :p

Wearing hair is easy as long as YOU make it easy is what I have learned. This vacation has been nothing but a blessing for me because it has allowed me to really see if there are any limitations to wearing, and I dont know about others but for me there are none.


Re: who says only rich guys can afford HR

I used to think you had to have loads of money to afford to do this, then i found this site.

I work part time in a restaurant (for now).  My income is like $800 a month and still I'm able to have a full head of awesome hair.

thank you toplace.


Re: who says only rich guys can afford hair replacement?

That's great Mike, you fell into this hairwearing thing at a right time because not too long ago, everybody needed indeed lots of money and most of the time the quality was much less...

Today, even guys with more money are migrating towards Toplace by principle, it's a feeling like we no longer want to be fooled anymore.

Enjoy your cheap hair - hehe



Imagine going through all the hassles and expenses for something that is just 'acceptable' and that is very temporary because the hair behind and around the transplants keep thinning.

When I started balding at 23, I took action immediately and I wouldn't have been happy with something just 'acceptable.'  I wanted lots of hair---just like I used to have and I was dreaming of a long life with lots hair that I can style the way I want... anytime I want.

And so getting into the hairpiece thing was one of the best decision of my life and since then, hairpieces keep getting better and cheaper.

I'm happy and I feel so good about myself which is a nice bonus to it all.


Re: returning from concealors

I went thru the whole gamut, transplants,rogaine,shampoo,concealors etc etc, You know what?  I was so preoccupied with all that crap that I now look back & laugh,  I actually spend less time on my hair now with a system than most people do with real hair & it looks dam good!  Once you understand that the systems of today aren't the old albatross systems that look like some dead animal is stuck to your head ,& are very complimenting to your overall appearance, it's a breeze , so why wouldn't you wear? It's all about accepting what you have & what you can do with whats out now & if these systems would have been around 20 yrs ago ,the amount of $$$$$$$$ & more importantly time I would have saved would have probably been able to buy a house if not a down payment!


Re: returning from concealors

The reality is that your real hair situation will never get better. It will only get worse. Once you accept and understand this you will be able to spend all you energy on living your life with a hair system and believe me, it's great because you'll feel free from worries and you will also have the freedom to wear what you want, as you want. We can have pretty much a total control on how we want our hair when we wear. Today, there are so many possibilities.

At the age of 23 this forward thinking got a hold of me and I plunged into hair wearing right away without ever looking back. And I have no regrets at all.

Believe me, it's a waste of time trying to work out you hair when you are balding. There are no 'products' solution to it except for a hair system.


I'm so damned happy

Wow!  I cant believe it. I had my first cut in yesteday and  still wasn't sure I wanted to do this until it all came together yesterday afternoon. I used Didi in NYC for the cutin and she was absolutely great!  I told her what I wanted to achieve in color and style and she worked with me all the way and used her own creativity to pull it off.  This was a stock piece and wasn't even  my own color.   It was a very light brown vs my medium brown hair. Didi liked me blonde so she left the entire front blonde and blended the rest into my color. I got so many compliments last night from friends (all women), the guys knew i changed my style, hair color etc but none of them knew it was a piece. One of the women insisted her husband (also bald) come to the bar to see it. He's going to be a toplace customer very soon. lol


Re: oh one more thing

Debbie you are the greatest!!!! I feel reborn, I purposely kept my expectations low and even brought a hat with me just in case. lol needless to say I aint ever wearing a hat again.

oh, one quick story about last night. I took a couple of my girl friends out for late dinner. (not girl frinds in real sense, just friends) anyway I went outside to have a cigarette. Im standing outside and a chick that was sitting in bar area comes out and says "wow, who are you".

I was so shocked I just laughed and said Im new here. This is gonna be so cool, I always had to work so hard for women. lol


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